The Rosary

On the Catholic calendar, the month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. Oct. 7 is the memorial of Our Lady of the rosary.  On Oct. 13 we celebrate the last apparition of Our Lady of Fatima.  One of her exhortations was for each of us to pray the rosary daily.

This year during October, after every Sunday Mass, we will pray the rosary.  We will use a series of videos to lead the prayers.  The videos use a number of different visuals to help us focus on the mystery which is being prayed.  Praying the rosary takes about 20 minutes.  Each Sunday we will pray a different set of the mysteries.  By the end of the month, the Joyful, Luminious, Sorrrowful, and Glorious will all have been prayed. 

We have assembled a lot of resources on the website to assist you in lerning how to pray the rosary and helping you to pray it once you know how.

How to pray the rosary

We have a page that includes several downloadable and printable sheets that show you how to pray the rosary.  Rosary handouts   Spanish handouts Portuguese handouts

We have a page that has several videos that teach you how to pray the rosary.  How to videos

Audio of praying the rosary

There are a lot of places were you can find audio of the rosary being prayed. You can listen to them online, load them on your audio player, or listen to them on your radio. Audio of the rosary

Rosary videos

There are video files of people praying the rosary. In the videos, the creators are trying to add visuals of each of the mysteries to help you better understand the mysteries. After our Sunday Masses we used the videos from Quiet Waters Media. We also have videos from Learn to Pray the rosary and Fr. Benedict Groeschel

Rosário en español

Hay archivos de video de personas rezando el rosario. En los videos, los creadores están tratando de agregar imágenes de cada uno de los misterios para ayudarlo a comprender mejor los misterios. Después de nuestras misas dominicales usamos los videos de Quiet Waters Media. En el sitio web también tenemos videos de personas rezando el rosario en español.

Terço em português

Existem vídeos de pessoas rezando o terço. Nos vídeos, os criadores tentaram incluir imagens de cada mistério para ajudá-lo a entender melhor os mistérios. Após as missas de domingo, usaremos os vídeos de Quiet Waters Media. No site também temos vídeos de pessoas rezando o Terço em português.