St. Johns has a wide variety of ministries where people can put their faith to work.  If you are interested in any of these ministries please call or email the person whose name is listed and find about that ministry. Some of these ministries may have further information here on the website.  Click on that link to learn about that ministry to join or to use their service.

Safe environment training

All ministers are required to complete safe environment training every three years.  You can complete this on line at

Liturgical Ministry

The people in these ministries are actively involved in assisting at mass

Altar Servers
Lena Beasley
Exraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Ministry to the Sick
Larry Mundy 510 233-6783
Tom Kennedy 510 501-3956 Email Tom
Liturgy Committee
Richard Keller 510 734-1268 Email Richard
Church Choirs
(5pm Vigil) Marissa Bautista 510 502-5076 Email Marissa
(8am, 9:30 Youth Choir, 11:30am) Andy Gutierrez 510 703-1076 Email Andy
Geraldine Judt 510 233-1960

Spiritual Growth Ministry

These ministries are primarily focused on helping us grow in our faith

Morning Prayer
Morning prayer is before the morning mass at 7:40 AM
Dan Hughes 510 253-8127 Email Dan
Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet Group
Rosary is after the 8 am mass
John Baker 510 233-1833
Wednesday Scripture Study
Information about Scripture study is here
Richard Keller 510 734-1268 Email Richard
Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel
Information about our Divine Mercy Chapel is here
Ancelle Nguyen -Chapel Office
Third Order Discalced Carmelites
Ed Bautista 510 334-7982 Email Ed
First Saturday Charismatic Community

Pastoral Ministry

These ministries help our pastor to run the parish

Finance Committee
Bruce Hartman 510 232-6280 Email Bruce
Pastoral Council
Pastoral council meets the first Saturday of the month in the conference room,
Dan Hughes 510 253-8127 Email Dan

Church Ministry

These ministries help to maintain our church building

Church Clean Up
The church clean-up team works on Friday after the 8 am mass.
Noreen Shaughnessy 510 235-6640
Office Volunteer
We have volunteer in the rectory most of the time the office is open.
Art de Leon 510 232-5659 Email Art
Church Decoration
Olivia Wong 510 233-1088 Email Olivia
Church Linen
The Linen Ladies launder the altar linens on a rotating basis.
Kathleen Keller 510 734-1267 Email Kathleen

Social Service Ministry

These ministries are focused on helping those people in the community around us

St. Vincent de Paul Society
We have an active ministry reaching out to the needy.  See what they do here and see how you can help here.
Carol Mansinne-Shafer 510 502-9234 Email Carol
GRIP Soup Kitchen
First Wednesday of the month –
  Margaret Doherty 510 233-2515
Third Sunday of the month –
  Kathleen Keller 510 234-1754 Email Kathleen
Fifth Friday of the month –
  Geraldine Judt 510 233-1960
GRIP Shelter,
Harmony Hunger Walk,
& Blood Drive
Joe Orr 510 237-5568 Email Joe
St. John Senior Center
Khanh Bui 510 237-3808

Community Spirit Ministry

These people represent our parishioners who come from a wide range of backgrounds

African American Community
Barbarella Magloire 510 669-0177
Brazilian Community
Jose Freitas 510 232-4328 Email Jose
Ethiopian Catholic Community
James Vaughn & Elizabeth Kristos 510 620-0594
Our Lady of Guadalupe Community
Frances & Everardo Martin 510 234-3152
Teresa Santos 510 233-7653
San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila Community
Bernie Juat 510 526-5828
Tongan Community
Vailala Lasalo 510 455-9045
Young Ladies Institute
Christine Hickey 510 815-6022
Parish & School Festival
Information about the 2017 festival is here
2017 Chair – Mer Engalla 669-9204 Email Mer

Religious Education Ministry

These ministries are focused on teaching the truths of the Catholic church to everyone interested.

Rite of Christian Initiation Program
see the RCIA page
Christine Hickey 510 236-5872 Email Christine
John Houghton 510 919-8981 Email John
Richard Keller 510 734-1268 Email Richard
Pre-Baptism Program
Deacon Loch Sekona 510 837-1052
Catechism for Children
See the First Communion page
Lynn Castro-Evans 510 501-4894 Email Lynn
Confirmation & Youth Program
See the Confirmation/Youth group page
Gina de la Torre 510 815-0050 Email Gina
Vacation Bible Camp
Pam Vincent 510 507-8694 Email Pam
Natural Family Planning
Ron & Andrea Gronsky 510 526-5041 Email the Gronskys