Homilies by our priests

Homilies found on the web

A number of priests and bishops make their homilies available on the web.  Here are some links of good online homily resources:

  1. Father Peter Grover, Boston, MA: Father Peter is one of my all-time favorite homilists. His homilies are not too long or too short; they are simple, profound, prayerful, Scriptural, and applicable to daily life. Priests (and everyone else) should listen to his homilies and take notes.
  2. Bishop Robert Barron, Los Angeles, CA: I have listened to Bishop Barron’s homilies for several years now and he never fails to deliver insights into Scripture that are at once surprising and immediately applicable to one’s life.
  3. Father Mike Schmitz, Duluth, MN: You might already know Father Mike Schmitz from the excellent videos he does for Ascension Presents. But he is also the chaplain for Newman Catholic Campus Ministries at the University of Minnesota Duluth and they archive his homilies online.
  4. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, New York, NY: I will never forget the homily I heard Cardinal Dolan give in St. Louis at a thanksgiving Mass after he was named cardinal. It was humorous, profound, full of joy, warm, and moving. Most of his homilies have these qualities; check them out.
  5. Father Matthew Gossett, Steubenville, OH: Father Matthew is a newly minted priest but his homilies demonstrate wisdom and prayerfulness beyond his years.
  6. Father Larry Richards, Erie, PA: Father Larry manages to give Sunday good homilies that are often under 10 minutes (!). His homilies are challenging, humorous, and get right to the point. They also are very Christ-centered. (In my opinion, it should be a rare homily that does not mention Jesus.)
  7. Archbishop Charles Chaput, Philadelphia, PA: Archbishop Chaput doesn’t shy away from controversial subjects and he often expertly ties together the readings from the Old and New Testament in detail before applying them to our lives.
  8. Msgr. Charles Pope, Washington DC: Msgr. Pope’s homilies are very much like his blog posts: profound, challenging, hard hitting, and insightful.
  9. Father Robert Spitzer, SJ: Father Spitzer is one of the few priests who posts some of his homilies from the daily Mass, which is brave of him and much appreciated. So if you are looking for a reflection about a daily Mass, look here first. (Father Steve Grunow also posts the text of many of his daily Mass homilies.)

Explanations of the Sunday readings

These sources are not homilies but they are good presentations on the Sunday readings by excellent scholars.

  1. TheSacredPage This page is the work of several scripture scholars who put together really good presentations of the upcoming Sunday readings.
  2. Dr. Scott Hahn, Steubenville, OH: These podcasts are not homilies but in them Scott Hahn breaks open the Scripture readings for each Sunday, finds multiple layers of meaning in them, and then applies them to our lives, which is everything an excellent homily should do.

– See more at: aleteia.org/2016/08/30/10-places-to-find-excellent-homilies-online/#sthash.4nbcU1B6.dpuf