Infants: Call the rectory 510 232-5659 to set up an appointment  for a brief interview and to set a date for pre-baptism instruction and baptism.

School age children: There is a special preparation program for the children. For more information call Lynne (510) 501-4894 or email Lynne

Adults: There is a special preparation program for adults.  Call the rectory (510) 232-5659


Saturdays at 4:00 pm in the church or by appointment. For an appointment call the rectory (510) 232-5659.

First Communion

For more information please visit our First Communion page by clicking “here”


The US bishops have a good explanation of what the sacrament of Confirmation is about. It is on our website.

For current information about St. John’s confirmation for high school aged people or adults please call the parish office at (510) 232-5659


Make arrangement with priest at least six months in advance. Call the rectory at 232-5659.

More information is one this page