Bible Study

Bible study meets Wednesdays evenings from 7:30-9:00 PM in the conference room.  We have class from late September through April or May depending on the number of lessons in that year’s study.

This program requires some homework be done before each class.

There is a modest fee for the text book that we use.

We have all levels of participates in our studies.  For some this is their first bible study class.  For others, they have been studying with the parish for several years.  People new to bible study are welcomed.

2017-2018   The Book of Revelation

This year we will be studying the book of Revelation.  The study is 25 lessons long.  We plan to pass out materials Sep. 20 and have our first class on Sep. 27.  If you would like to study Revelation with us call Richard Keller 510 734-1268 or email him

If you want to look at the program that we will be using this year look here

2017-2018 Resources

Starter lessons and schedule are on this page

The small book that John Huber mentioned is on the web at or you can get if from our website  cis351-Revelation