Adult Catechism

Our Parish Mission Statement is:

“As Catholic Christians, we are committed to knowing, loving and serving God by obeying His Commandments and serving our brothers and sisters with love and respect”

To help fulfill the above Statement, the Adult Catechism Ministry invites all Catholic Christians who want to have a clear understanding of  their Catholic Faith which is solidly grounded upon the Teachings of the Catholic Church to our weekly classes.

We use the Catechism of the Catholic Church as our text.  Participants will read in advance the assigned topics and expected to participate in discussions during the meetings.

The scope of this Ministry will thoroughly cover the following topics  from the catechism:

      a)  The Apostles Creed
      b)  The Sacraments
      c)  Living a Christian Life – Beatitudes, Morality of Human Acts, Moral Conscience, Virtues, Sin etc…
      d)  The Ten Commandments
      e)  Christian Prayer

We meet on Thursday evenings at 7 pm  in the conference room.  This is an on-going Ministry on a long-term basis. All Catholics, regardless of faith-level, are cordially invited to join-in.

Call Art de Leon at the rectory if you have questions or would like to join us.

The catechism is available free online in English here and a searchable version is here