Confession is available

While all of the parishes public Masses have been suspended by Bishop Barber we are allowed to keep the church open under limited conditions for other services.

Fr. Thuong has decided that it is necessary to open the church for confessions. The church will be open for confessions at our normal confession time, 4-5 pm on Saturday.

Because of the coronavirus problem we will make some accommodations.

  • In the confessional we have eliminated the option for face to face confession. All penitents must be behind the screen. The priest hearing confessions will sit further away from the screen to ensure a 6 foot separation.
  • Before the start of confessions, the sacristan will wipe all the door knobs and the confessional screen surfaces with a disinfecting wipe.

We ask all penitents to:

  • While waiting in line maintain a 6 foot separation from the person in front of you.
  • After confession, pick a spot away for everyone else to say your penance.
  • The state of California limits us to 10 people in the church. If you have finished you penance and people come into the church, please leave. If you are just arriving for confession and the are 10 people already in the church, please wait outside and respect your social-distancing outside.

If it has been a while since you have been to confession there is a helpful confession resource on our website here