Caravaggio’s painting of the calling of Matthew

Calling of Matthew

In his homily this morning for the Feast of St. Matthew, Fr. Joe referred to the Caravaggio’s painting of the calling of Matthew.  This is a copy of the image he was talking about

Calling of Matthew

Caravaggio’s calling of Matthew

In his homily Fr. Joe referred to the painting and said.

“If we continue to reflect on the calling of Matthew, with the shade and the dark color in the picture, Caravaggio wants to express a kind of darkness covering the life of Matthew.  At the time when Matthew was focused on money, social position and other earthly things, Jesus came and said “Follow me.”  Jesus’ words wakes Matthew up from a sleep of earthly desires and possessions.  Jesus’ words touch the deep meaning of his present life.  “Follow Me” implies a giving up and coming after.  Giving up all earthly desires, Matthew’s life is empty enough to be filled up with something completely new that is a divine calling and mission.

My dear brothers and sisters, Matthew’s experience is also our religious experience if we are always ready to be open to God’s word.  Jesus has called Matthew and He is calling and inviting each of us to participate in the divine mission.”

and below is a discussion of the painting by two artists