An idea for sheltering at home

Sister Mary Catharine Perry has been practicing social distancing for the past 29 years. She only leaves her home for doctors’ visits or perhaps shopping for a specific item.  She doesn’t go to parties or weddings or out to eat with friends. She often goes months without leaving her 8-acre home. Sister Mary Catharine Perry, is a cloistered nun with the Dominican nuns in Summit, New Jersey

She offers advice to us who have been told to shelter in place for at least the next few weeks.  One of her points is to have planned time for prayer.  Consider planning a time daily to say the rosary   Our Blessed Mother, several times when she has appeared to various people, has asked us to do this.

Plan a time when you or when everyone in your home can pray the rosary daily.

Our parish website has a lot of resources to help you pray the rosary.  There are printable sheets in multiple languages.  There are several videos of people or groups praying the rosary.  There are downloadable audio files. See